We are an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) billing company looking for highly motivated and detail oriented people with experience in medical billing. We are hiring qualified billers for our growing revenue cycle management department! A background in medical billing, verification, and follow-up will be critical for this role. Several years of experience working with Medicaid and Medicare across multiple states is particularly desirable.

Current Openings

EMS Billing Specialist (experience preferred)

  • Review ambulance patient care records for accuracy and completeness and obtain any missing information
  • Obtain insurance information and confirm patient demographics through insurance eligibility websites
  • Review and obtain prior authorizations for ambulance transports from transport brokers and facilities
  • Prepare, review, and transmit claims using billing software, including electronic and paper claim processing
  • Follow up on unpaid claims within standard billing cycle timeframe
  • Work with insurance companies to research and resolve denials and other issues
  • Prepare monthly nursing home facility invoices and follow up with those customers for payment
  • Take customer service calls from patients and facilities to answer and resolve billing related inquiries
  • Work closely with our customers (ambulance companies) to resolve operations issues related to timely and accurate crew paperwork
  • Experience with medical billing or ambulance services.
  • Outstanding written and verbal communications skills. We are constantly on the phone and email!
  • Microsoft Office products general knowledge and excellent Excel skills. Do you know how to pivot?
  • Strong attention to detail. We need to get everything right!
  • A strong sense of urgency. Not only do we need it right, we need it fast!
  • You will be expected to pass a mandatory background check and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) exclusion check.
  • Associate or Bachelor degree preferred.
  • Integrity!

We are a rapidly growing company with a great office location on Main Street in downtown Louisville, Colorado. We service ambulance companies across the country and pride ourselves on thorough, timely, and accurate billing. We have an open office atmosphere where questions and discussions are welcome. If you like a challenge, solving problems and making a difference, come work with us - you will fit right in!

We have an open office environment with great workstations and plenty of snacks. Communication is open, direct, and encouraged!

We offer competitive salary and benefits based on your experience and growth potential. Talk to us about what you are looking for and let's make a package that is right for you.

What we need from you

Please submit a resume and cover letter to explaining who you are and what you bring to the table. We are looking forward to meeting you. Let's get to work!