What We Do

We are dedicated to the revenue management cycle for your organization so that you can focus on what you do best. We currently provide billing services for emergency and non-emergency markets for public and private ambulance services. We have solid process, automation, and  channels of communication to ensure that every claim is worked fully to realize every opportunity for revenue.

Our new-customer on-boarding process ensures that your transition to Captivate Billing is smooth and effective, and minimizes cash flow interruption.

We provide services such as verification, prior/post authorizations, credentialing, and payer enrollment services.

How do we do it?


For non-emergency trips, our work begins long before the transport occurs. We provide pre-billing verification, repetitive patient assessments, and automation to ensure that we have complete patient demographics, insurance information, prior authorizations and all necessary documentation. For emergency trips, our staff works diligently to ensure that all patient demographics and insurance information are captured and verified in order to ensure smooth billing and collections activity immediately following the transport.

Pre-Billing Activities

Our pre-billing verification process starts before the ambulance trip is run. Confirming patient demographics and insurance eligibility prior to transport helps to ensure appropriate coverage is in place. We also assist with obtaining appropriate authorizations where necessary to ensure reliable payment arrangements are in place prior to transport. Repeat patient assessments for patients requiring ongoing transports ensures that all medical documentation and medical necessity are thoroughly documented.


We have implemented many additional automation steps to improve the efficiency of our billing activities. We manage work queues that group similar claims and automate the movement between those queues. At any time, we have a solid understanding of the current state of the system with instant access to claim status and outstanding accounts receivables. We engage with many billing clearing houses to ensure timely and accurate claims submission to every insurance company that can accept an electronic claim.


Transparency and accountability for claims processing ultimately improves the billing process and cash flow for our customers.

Reports & Dashboards

We provide a number of reports and dashboards that put your AR statistics at your fingertips. This provides our customers an instant understanding of current billing activity and future collection expectations.

Why we are different

What makes Captivate Billing different? Pre-billing verification, repeat patient assessments, customer transparency, truly automated processing and working every claim to the fullest.